Set up Your Company to Support Your Strategy

Companies are constantly evolving their strategies, yet often these exciting new ideas fail to achieve their desired results. Why? Because success depends more on evolving your operating model to the strategy than it does on your strategy alone.

An «operating model» is the design for organizing and managing resources to achieve your strategic ambitions; it is the bridge between strategy and execution. An operating model includes governance, accountabilities, decision-making authority, metrics, and behaviors . Important questions to consider: Do your people, processes and technology support your corporate strategy? Is there adequate opex and capex to achieve the strategy?

On May 15, 2018, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review webinar, Bain & Company’s Eric Garton will describe common mistakes companies make in operationalizing their strategy, and share practical advice including:

  • Why companies often fail to operationalize their strategies
  • How operations play a critical role in customer experiences
  • A blueprint for planning changes to your operating model

There’s no doubt that executing your corporate strategy is the key to your company’s future — so join Eric Garton and HBR on May 15 .