How create a web suite?

In general, the hosting is the service which is giving the chance of placement of sites on the Internet. Paying a hosting, you have an opportunity to place html, css, php, javascripts files, photo, video, music and other files which make your site on one or several servers being in the Internet. It’s allows your site to remain available 24 hours per day. Besides disk space so far hosting providers provide also other rather useful services: mail services, FTP, sql, ssh connection and many other things.

In the first half of the ninetieth years many owners of sites had web site by means of the personal computer, however it was extremely inconvenient, unreliable and expensive. After all, it was necessary to leave included in the computer constantly, and to provide it with the high-speed Internet (for example ADSL, maybe everybody remember), constantly to watch correctness of work of system and load of it. In addition, it was necessary to understand system administration, server programs and so on.

Now the hosting is available to everyone therefore there was a set of amateur sites, many of which achieved serious successes. It is necessary to notice that now there is also a free hosting which not bad will be suitable for beginners in web skill. However in the long term, certainly, the free hosting should be replaced, its functionality is too limited that doesn’t allow to create serious projects.

If to speak about a professional paid hosting, it can be the following types:

  1. Virtual hosting – the type of a hosting most widely available and popular in the world. The matter is that there is a virtual hosting not so expensively, for placement of a site and its subsequent administration on a virtual hosting it is not necessary to possess extensive knowledge. Despite it, such services of a hosting can satisfy requirements even those who creates serious, multipurpose resources. You should not adjust and administer the server, all will make for you.
  2. The virtual allocated server – other option of a hosting, will be cost however by it more expensive. Ordering this hosting, you receive the separate virtual server on which will have opportunity to load necessary ON that is very important for many webmasters. But there are also minuses, you should watch work of services as all of them are in your virtual server. Often if at you that that happens, you should solve a problem independently, and support for the solution of these questions often happens paid. There are restrictions, for example restrictions on number of processes, etc. That many hosters certainly do not advertize.
  3. The allocated server. In fact, this hosting is full rent of the physical server, however which remains in a data-center of provider. The provider undertakes to provide the server to all necessary for normal work, and also on the arrangement provides maintenance. Certainly, to order the allocated server, the weighty reasons are necessary: creation of a large portal with difficult functionality, the whole network of websites and so on also others.
  4. Collocation – too a type of a hosting at which the provider assumes obligations of placement of the server on the platform, and also providing all necessary conditions for its full work. To order a collocation, it is necessary to have the own server. Besides, such services of a hosting are ordered by those who is engaged in creation of sites at solid level.

So, the hosting is service necessary today for the publication of sites on the Internet. Having chosen a suitable hosting and good provider, you will have serious help in promotion of your Internet project.

It is natural that everyone to publish the website on the Internet will have to pay hosting services. But what represent hosting services? And how practically to choose a qualitative hosting?

So, hosting services — it, first of all, services of granting disk space to owners of sites that those could place any components of a site in the Internet. Hosters provide disk space on the servers connected to the Internet and working round the clock. For these reasons sites can be available to any Internet user at any moment.

Earlier people used own computers for the room of a site in the Network, however such option now practically is not considered by webmasters, first of all, because of the shortcomings and obvious unprofitableness. Especially, presently the qualitative hosting, more because of the competition, began to cost absolutely cheap, so, its availability considerably increased.

However before owners of sites always arose and there is now a problem of a choice of good hosting services. Further it would be desirable to tell about what features the high-quality services of a hosting can possess.

1. The qualitative hosting can be ordered in the providers watching overloads of the servers. If the provider does not watch it, delays in loading of a site, its lag and even inaccessibility are possible. In turn, all these problems will reduce considerably attendance and popularity of the project.

  1. Understanding and, at the same time, professional technical support — one more important element of a qualitative hosting. Technical support is extremely necessary for stable work of a site, after all problems all the same can arise from time to time, and to solve many of them it is possible only with experts of a hoster. Sometimes even hour of inaccessibility of a site can affect its profitability and image considerably. And if experts of a hoster hesitate with the help, you risk to lose a lot of things. Besides, in technical support have to answer at any time your questions connected with functionality of a hosting.
  2. Certainly, a qualitative hosting — it not only only a place on a disk, but also also a set of additional services, the extremely important for development and normal functioning of projects. Here, naturally, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to requirements of the Internet project as, the more functions, the hosting is more expensive.
  3. High-quality services of a hosting also assume that your data will remain on other server, and daily. That is backup. It becomes in order that in case of possible breakage of the server and loss of all data which were on it, it would be possible to restore full work of sites easily. As a rule, the serious provider assumes responsibility for safety of these clients.

However, now loss of data is improbable because of division of disks into raid massifs. That is it when two disks «zerkaliruyut» of each other. In case of an exit of one out of operation, it simply changes and on it the working disk is copied. Then they work further.

But backup to you can all the same it is required for example in case of breaking of your site, and information damage on it.

  1. If the provider is sure that his services qualitative, he most often can offer the trial period of using a hosting. On the expiration of time of the trial period the webmaster will have to make the decision on that, to order or not to order this hosting for longer period of time. During the trial period it is possible to test quality of services that is very convenient for owners of websites.

Usually trial period is provided for Manyback of 15-30 days. That is you pay a hosting for example for a month and if within a month you are not satisfied with a hosting, all money to you comes back.

«Why it is not free! ? » The matter is that a serious hosting the provider will never give free of charge test period. It is connected with that that the free periods are taken by fisher, spammers and others. They have enough couple of days what to crack social network, to dispatch spam, viruses and to refuse a hosting. And new clients will be suffer with that IP the hosting of provider or with it already understands black lists militia.

  1. Needless to say that the qualitative hosting on the Internet will be estimated positively. Thus, before choosing hosting services, surely consult (be interested) about reviews of this or that hoster. If you see a set of negative reviews of a certain hosting, you should not choose it.

To choose high-quality services of a hosting, it is not necessary to fuss and hurry. Treat choice process very seriously as success of all project will depend on it also.

In the described ways any CMS can transfer sites practically, for example, WordPress, DLE, Joomla! and so on. In the same way it is possible to carry out transfer of a site on a hosting and from the local server, for example, from Denver.

We hope that article helped you to understand that transfer of sites from one hosting on another — business not difficult, however demanding attention and scrupulousness.