Guide to the Business Process Management Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK®)


ABPMP International is proud to announce the release of the Guide to the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK®).

This Guide to the BPM CBOK® provides a basic reference document for all practitioners. The primary purpose of this guide is to identify and provide an overview of the Knowledge Areas that are generally recognized and accepted as good practice. The Guide provides a general overview of each Knowledge Area and provides a list of common activities and tasks associated with each Knowledge Area. It also provides links and references to other sources of information which are part of the broader BPM Common Body of Knowledge.


BPM CBOK® Should (Be)

BPM CBOK® Should Not (Be)

  • Use a standardized terminology
  • Ease the communication about BPM
  • Support a common understanding of BPM
  • Reference related disciplines
  • Contain commonly accepted practices
  • Practitioner driven
  • Vendor neutral
  • Guide (non prescriptive)
  • Not a standard setting body
  • Facilitate evaluation of solutions
  • Consistent
  • Sell anything (not vendor driven)
  • Redefine other disciplines
  • Too detailed
  • Miss the audience (practitioner)
  • Incomplete in width
  • ‘How to’ (recipe)
  • Hard to read
  • Have an opinion