Business Analyst Career Road Map

Who is the Business Analysis Professional?

«A business analyst is any person who performs business analysis tasks described in the BABOK® Guide, no matter their job title or organizational role. Business analysts are responsible for discovering, synthesizing, and analyzing information from a variety of sources within an enterprise, including tools, processes, documentation, and stakeholders. The business analyst is responsible for eliciting the actual needs of stakeholders — which frequently involves investigating and clarifying their expressed desires — in order to determine underlying issues and causes». (BABOK® Guide),

Title vs. Role

Business analysis professionals work in a wide range of industries and support a variety of functional areas although their job titles can vary widely. Whether you are a systems analyst, requirements manager, product manager, or consultant, your title reflects your position as defined by your particular company. A role reflects the discipline you practice and your professional association — business analysis.

Are you already a business analyst and want to advance to a more senior position?

The IIBA® Business Analyst Career Road Map outlines the business analysis opportunities available to you. The Career Road Map is designed to identify the many roles within business analysis, and show your options based on your experience today. It includes the emerging roles in business architecture and business intelligence which are in high demand.

Role Descriptions

The role names are not job titles – a role name represents the various tasks, techniques and knowledge needed by an individual to be successful.  The roles could be combined into one position:  a business requirements analyst could also have deep expertise in process and therefore the business requirements analyst and process analyst roles can be considered as a career path.

Another example: a Systems Analyst may be part of a software development project that utilizes the Agile method. Therefore the Systems Analyst has Agile expertise; he/she could hold an Intermediate Systems Analyst and Intermediate Agile Analyst role but his/her title could be Intermediate Systems Analyst.

Review the Role Descriptions to find out the responsibilities involved and the skills and knowledge needed, to help you map your career.